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Visiting Teams:

We are excited to have the opportunity to host your team and want to do everything possible to make your visit to Salt Lake City and the University of Utah a great experience. The following includes information surrounding our meet that will be helpful to visiting coaches, athletes, parents and fans.


If you have any questions or special requests, please get them to me as much in advance as possible. Coaches, don't forget to EMAIL or FAX me your march-in order, tentative line-up and players pass-gate list at least 24 hours in advance of the meet.

See you soon!


Greg Marsden

Phone 801-558-1013

Fax 801-585-6453




Fri, Jan 16, 7 PM - SUU & Bosie St. & UC-Davis

Fri, Jan 23, 6:00 PM - UCLA


Fri, Feb 6, 6:00 PM - Arizona State

Sat, Feb 21, 7:00 PM - Stanford



Fri, Mar 14, 7;00 PM - Michigan




Competition Site

Jon M. Huntsman Center  

1825 E. South Campus Dr.

Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-0900


Campus Map


There are two hotels located on the University of Utah campus, the University Park Marriott and the University Guest House. Here is a complete list of Salt Lake City Hotels.

Salt Lake City Map


Salt Lake International Airport

Rental Car Companies are available at the airport.

Charter Buses

Lewis Brothers Stages  801-359-8677

Le Bus  801-975-0202


Restaurants in Salt Lake City.


Things to do

Team Parking

Please park your vehicles on the sidewalk next to the tunnel on the west side of the Jon M Huntsman Center. Teams should enter the Huntsman Center through the west tunnel.

Gymnastics Meet Parking

There is no charge for Gymnastics Meet Parking PDF. Except for the HPER lot (east of the arena) and the Campus Services lot (southwest of the arena), all parking is available on a first come first serve basis.

Player's Tickets

Four players passes will be provided for each member of the official traveling party. A players pass list must be submitted no later than 24 hours in advance of the meet. Player's passes will be held at the pass gate for pick-up. The pass gate is located just to the east of the ticket office, which is on the southeast side of the Huntsman Center.

Ticket Purchases

Tickets may be purchased online or at the ticket office.


Rules interpretation is the responsibility of the meet referee. The competition will be conducted according to the FIG Code of Points. USAG JO-Level 10 and NCAA modifications will be applied.


Two-judge panels will be used on each event. All judging panels will meet the NCAA requirements for qualification to NCAA Championships and are assigned by the National Judges Assigning System.


Visiting Teams

 • The training room will be available three hours prior to the start of the meet. A student trainer will act the visiting team host. Your host will meet you on the floor of the Huntsman Center. If you have any special requests, please make them in advance of your arrival.

• Stretch and open warm-up will begin one hour and forty-seven minutes prior to the start of the meet and be 30-minutes in length.

• Timed warm-ups will begin at one hour and seventeen minutes prior to the start of the meet and consist of four 15-minute rotations. Utah will start on vault; the visiting team will start on bars. Both teams will rotate in the order that they will compete. Both teams may use the open events.

• Utah will compete vault, bars, beam, floor, while the visiting team will compete bars, vault, floor, and beam.

• The competition will be run two events at a time (vault & bars, then beam & floor), alternating performers. Vault or

beam will start each rotation unless the teams have a different number of competitors due to exhibition routines, scratches, etc. In that event, the team with the greatest number of competitors will begin.

• At the conclusion of each rotation, gymnasts should go as quickly as possible to their next event and prepare for the three-minute warm-up. It is not necessary to march between events or present the team to the judging panel.

• At the conclusion of competition, both teams will march onto the floor exercise mat from their last event for final introductions and the announcing of scores.

• Interviews will take place in the pressroom located just up the north tunnel, first door on the right. These interviews will begin immediately after the competition. Both coaches and requested athletes are asked to make themselves available.

Parents / Fans

 • The Huntsman Center doors will open to the public two hours prior to the start of the meet.


Here is an example of the schedule, if the meet is going to start at 7:00 PM. For other start times, adjust accordingly.

5:00 PM Open        
5:30-5:45 PM Rotation I Utah Visitors Open Open
5:47-6:02 PM Rotation II Visitors Utah Open Open
6:04-6:19 PM Rotation III Open Open Utah Visitors
6:21-6:36 PM Rotation IV Open Open Visitors Utah
6:36 PM Clear the floor        
6:50 PM Line-Up        
6:52 PM Introductions        

7:02 PM

4-Min. Touch        
7:06 PM Competition        
8:50 PM End        
9:00 PM Interviews        


Athletics Director

Dr. Chris Hill


Assoc. Athletics Director/SWA

Nona Richardson


Sr. Assoc. Athletics Director/SID

Liz Abel


Events Coordinator

Steve Pyne


Gymnastics Marketing

Jennifer White


Gymnastics Floor Manager

Anne Marie Jensen


Gymnastics Trainer

Katie Lorens


Gymnastics Coach

Greg Marsden




1       AAI Tac 10 Vaulting Table

1       AAI Padded Vaulting Runway (82 ft.)

1       AAI Stratum Tack 10 Vaulting Board

1       AAI Vaulting Table Safety Zone

1       AAI FIG 4'X8'X20cm Mat

1       AAI FIG 8'X15.5'X20cm Mat

1       AAI 3'X3' Tac 10 Round-Off Mat

1       AAI 1mX2m Tac 10 Round-Off Mat

1       AAI8'X10' Sting Mat

1       AAI 8'X15.5'X4" Mat

2       AAI 5'X10'X8" Mats

2       AAI 3-Digit Flashers

2       AAI 4-Digit Flashers


1       AAI Adjustable Elite Reflex Beam

2       Upright Pads

2       Beam Leg Pads

1      AAI Stratum Tack 10 Vaulting Board

1       Plywood Mounting Board

4       AAI FIG 8'X15.5'X20cm Mat

2       AAI FIG 8'X12'X20cm Mat

1       AAI 7'X10' Sting Mat

1       AAI 7'X10'X4" Mat

1       AAI 5'X10'X8" Mat            

1       AAI 4'X8'X20cm Mat (for side mounts)

2       AAI 3-Digit Flashers

1       AAI 4-Digit Flasher


1       AAI UTB 170cm Elite Uneven Bars

1      AAI Stratum Tack 10 Vaulting Board

1       Plywood Mounting Board

2       AAI FIG 8'X15.5'X20cm Mat

2       AAI FIG 8'X12'X20cm Mat

1       AAI FIG 7'X4'x20cm Mat

1       AAI 7'X10' Sting Mat

1       AAI 7'X10'X4" Mat

1       AAI 5'X10'X8" Mat            

1       AAI Spotting Block

2       AAI 3-Digit Flashers

1       AAI 4-Digit Flasher


1      AAI Stratum Floor w/Palmer Springs

1      AAI Elite Border Foam

7      AAI Cross-Link Polyethylene Roll Foam

1      45'X45' Blue Carpet w/White Tape Boarder

1      Variable Speed CD Player

1      iPod connection

1      AAI 7'X10' Sting Mat

1      AAI 7'X10'X4" Mat

1      AAI 5'X10'X8" Mat            

2      AAI 3-Digit Flashers

1      AAI 4-Digit Flasher

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